Indoco vs Indocolite

Checkout Setting Shopify No Yes Indocolite uses Shopify shipping settings and checkout templates, while Indoco uses its own templates and checkout page settings, including payment gateway settings.
Custom Css Yes No The Indoco checkout page template allows you to modify the style.
Address fields form on the checkout page Dropdown Input On the Indocolite checkout page, the fields form is like the Shopify checkout form, as for the naming must be correct so that the calculation of the shipping cost is accurate. On the other hand, Indoco uses the dropdown for naming addresses of provinces, cities/regencies, and districts automatically.
Colaboration with third party No Yes Applications or third parties related to the checkout page is not supported by Indoco. On the other hand, in Indocoite, third parties are able to run simultaneously.
Shopify Apps status Private Publish Indocolite can be found and installed directly from the Shopify apps, while with Indoco you need to contact the costumer service or see the guide on the official website. For the subscription payment system, everything is the same throughout the Shopify system.
Subscription Prices $7 / Month $8 / Month Indoco flat price is only one plan, Indocolite has 3 plans according to the features, starting from the standard plan of $7 per month.



Here is the screenshot of the prices and features of the Indocolite application, this option will appear on the Indocolite application dashboard.

indocolite plan

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