Now available Indocolite that able to integrate all popular courier services in Indonesia into your checkout page. Shipping costs will be taken directly from each and every courier service directly and processed in real-time. The rates will be automatically refreshed from time to time. You do not need to change the rates manually on your own. This will really save you a lot of time.

This application will not require any modification on your theme website, and so you will not experience any crash along with other existing apps. All Shopify functions will be fully usable such as a discount, abandoned cart, gift card registry, and so on.

And what's interesting is that the Indocolite application has a tracking feature where your customers will be able to track the shipment and even received shipping status notification. This will minimize complaints of the delayed shipping processes.


Realtime Shipping Cost

You will be able to calculate local and international shipping costs in real-time. Which you do not need to input all the shipping costs manually and wastes a lot of time. Shipping rates are available from almost all shipping services in Indonesia and some overseas shipping couriers are included in this Indocolite delivery feature.

Notification Email

Equipped with a feature to notified your tracking order and delivery status through email, which will make it easier and more convenient for customers to shop at your store. Both you as the shop owner and the customer can receive updates on the position of the delivery goods.

Order Tracking

Indocolite comes with an order tracking feature, which is so useful for your customers, so they don't have to worry anymore if the shipping progress is stalled and could give your customers more comfort and trust to shop at your store.

Zero Theme Editing

You don't need to edit the code in your theme to install Indocolite. So whichever theme you are using, and how often you change the themes, Indocolite will continue to work optimally.

Fully Integrated

With Indocolite you will be able to use all of Shopify's default checkout features to its full potential. Whether it's discount settings, a gift registry, abandon checkout, ads conversion tracking, Facebook store, and many more.

Customer Satisfaction

Indocolite makes it easy for your customers to choose the shipping courier they wish for, with an accurate shipping rate. So that your customers will be more confident and satisfied purchasing on your website.

We keep it simple

You can easily manage the Indocolite application. Because we made this application as simple as possible for you to use. So that you will focus more on your transactions and business.

Timely Execution

Indocolite has a high speed in processing shipping rates. It doesn't take long to calculate the shipping costs for each order.

Constantly Improving

We are consistent in making various innovations for the Indocolite application. This will ensure the application is able to keep up with the needs of the present and future.


Excellent app and excellent attention from technical support. I highly recommend it. Terima kasih...

Gazelle by Debby Hardinata Official

Make jasa IndocoLite dari pertama kali pakai Shopify sangat membantu merchant-merchant yang ada di Indonesia karena dikit banget ada app yang kaya IndocoLite gini buat menghitung shipping secara otomatis


Beralih ke aplikasi indocolite, yang sebelumnya indoco. lebih simple dan ada feature tracking order dari sisi customer. terimakasih semoga plan yang basic bisa dikasih feature juga untuk melihat orderan tsb sudah diterima customer atau belum.

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