How to Optimize Your Site Sales Conversion Rate

How to know if your site sales conversion rate is running as you are intended to? It will be very difficult to compete with constantly changing in the best practice and new innovations all the time. The best way to keep and increase your conversion rate is through innovation.
In this guide, we are not talking about simple pointers that can be implemented by anybody. We are guiding you to deliver the best result that is particular to your website. Therefore, analyses toward your pages will be considered as the best practices here. There are 6 strategies that we included in our guide for you to increase your conversion rate. You can use them to adjust, research then adjust and keep researching until your best innovation met up.
Before that, let’s dwell more into understanding what conversion rate is, and the idea behind what we are proposing.

The importance of conversion rates

This conversion rate means that you will get more sales with the same amount of traffic coming to your website. Thus, increasing traffic to your site will be explained later in another guide. The conversion rate is very important in closing sales. This is the final stage that is directly related to your revenue. When you manage to increase your conversion rate, at the same time, your sales will go up thus your website’s earnings.

Let’s say you have 10.000 incoming traffic per month. If your conversion rate is 1%, which is normal, 100 checkouts are made each month. You can increase your sale by either increase traffic through ads, or optimize the conversion rate of your pages. For example, if you manage to increase your conversion rate to 2%, you will get 200 sales. In other words, similar to double your incoming traffic which is more likely to cost much more in terms of paid ads or other methods of marketing.

Let’s start discussing how to optimize your site sales conversion rate by applying several adjustments to your pages first. Here are 6 strategies to optimize your site sales or even your landing pages.

1) Remove Distractions

The first thing is to remove distractions from your website and landing pages to increase your conversion rate. This will make your visitors focus on the Call to Action as you intended to. You can pay attention to this:
indocolite aplikasi tracking tracking terbaik shopify
Place a clear and concise CTA button that stand out and eye-catching

Distracting background

Remove images that can distract your visitors' attention. Keep your contrast level at acceptance level especially for the CTA button. This important element is needed to be very clear and not distracted by other irrelevant images. Your title needs to be clearly seen, as well as your product benefits and subscription form.

Company profile

One of the biggest mistakes which many online businesses do is showing their company profile on the homepage or their landing pages. Your main objective here is to gain profit. You can always show your company news on your blog or social media, but try to stay away from your landing page or homepage and try to focus more on your website conversion instead.

Too many CTA

Even if it is mandatory to have attractive CTA, having too many actually can divert your visitor’s attention. Of course, this will impact your site conversion. You can just use one CTA in contrast color with another element so the button can still stand out and eye-catching. Landing page on another hand should only focus on one thing, that is why you can only have one CTA because of this reason.

2) Gum Trampoline Technique

The gum trampoline technique is a technique introduced by Brian Massey, who is an expert in conversion technique. This technique is focusing on reducing the high bounce rate to make your visitors stay on your website by adding gum to your pages. The bounce rate is a percentage of the visit on your page which just closes your page without any action beforehand.

Stop low-quality traffic

To reduce your bounce rate, you can edit targeted ads, using long-tail keywords for content, and stop using other websites or channels with low quality and irrelevant traffic to your website. You can know specifically whom you are targeting and what keywords you can apply by knowing in detail who your target audience really is.

That is why in the best SEO practice, you will target most links from a similar niche of website and long-tail keywords that specifically able to solve their problem. This will decrease your bounce rate percentage, thus your blog will rank higher in SERP.

Create many relevant pages

A big mistake that many online shops make is not keeping their ads relevant to their landing pages. For example, if you have to find “blue running shoes”, you should get to a page which is really about blue running shoes. But if you click and see many shoes with different color instead, your site conversion and bounce rate will be increased.

Easy to understand

You only have seconds to attract the attention of your visitors. That is why designing pages and creating your content for your website is important. Make sure they are easy to understand by your visitors in a count of seconds. This will mean your visitors understand what your product is, how to help them, and where they can acquire them or buy them.

3) Apply Scarcity Tactic

Here are some examples of how Amazon apply their scarcity tactic to increase their conversion rate.

Combine with trust

The best application of the scarcity tactic is to combine it with a trust signal. As you can see from the image below, they only show how many products are left in stock to increase the urgency of the customer to purchase.
indocolite aplikasi tracking terbaik shopify
Create urgency of your product, as well as a list of another important features like ratings


They also have a customer review rating which is shown close to show that this product can be trusted. What should not be done is making your visitors afraid, which will lead to the other way around and reduce your site conversion rate. For example, do not say limited time offer, if you really want to sell the product for a long time. If your costumers see it that you keep selling the product, your credibility can be decreased.

4) Create Top-Notch Content

You can assume your content marketing as part of your sales team. Your content must be directed to what your costumers really need and able to solve your costumers' problem. Including educating them on how to reach their business purposes or their wishes.
Aplikasi tracking terbaik shopify
Content management scheme to keep your website busy

Understand your audience

To create content that will increase your site conversion, you have to understand exactly how your targeted audience is. You must create a persona suitable for your readers. Find out what is needed to solve their problem.

Talk about their goal

After knowing your audience, you can build your content marketing in the exact spot to help them reach their goal thus attracting their attention. You will want to be the source of information that they will be using to learn and gathering information.

You will want to be the information source that your audience will use to learn and collect information. Or it can be resources that they use to solve their problem through your product.

5) Keep Using Split Test

When to apply split test

The split test is not only applied when your conversion rate is low. You should apply this method to all your online business. There is always room for improvement, even when you believe you have done well. One of the better tools to use in your split test is Optimizely, which also has a mobile application for testing.

What should you test?

To know what needs to be tested, you need to create a hypothesis then just a mere guess. For example, you happen to see that one landing page has a higher conversion rate than the others. That landing page might have a short video on the page, so you can hypothesize that other landing pages that have videos, might have increased their conversion rate.

Then, you can test your hypothesis by adding a short video to your other landing page and run it for the same period of time, to compare the result. If the hypothesis is correct, then you can have concrete proof that a video on your landing page can result in a higher conversion rate.

6) Copywriting

The last one, but not least important is copywriting. Perhaps you have already realized that the copywriting technique is one of the best techniques to optimize website conversion rates. Then what kind of copywriting that you need?

Talk about benefits

When writing the text for your homepage or landing pages, you only have several seconds to pique the interest of your visitors. One of the best ways to do this is to create a list of key bullet points that easy to understand and highlight your strength. These bullet points should highlight the benefits for your visitors rather than the features for your products. And do not forget to write something which targets the emotion of your audiences.
aplikasi ongkos kirim dan tracking terbaik shopify
Create list that highlight the benefits for your visitors rather than the features for your products

Headline that trigger action

Other than those key points, another aspect of copywriting that easy to understand when you read them is the title or headline. When the title is bold and has words that can trigger action, then this will keep your visitors to stay on your web page. A headline on your homepage is a simple question that targets the exact spot of your audience’s problem, and able to trigger their action which they can do next.


You can start your path on optimizing conversion rates by removing a distraction from your pages. This will highlight the most important feature of your product which is what the visitors are looking for these days. Keep your site loading time to low, attract their attention, and make things simple for your costumers to purchase on your website. Then, we have talked about two marketing tactics to keep your costumers interested and increase the trust of your visitors, which is the most important one in assuring their purchasing decisions. You can also add testimonials from your past costumers which will lead to a similar result. Another tip that comes to mind, is adding third party sign-ups to your website, which makes them feel to be part of the community. At the same time, this will make it easier for them to join thus you can send occasional newsletter periodically.

Using a split test will keep your website optimized on a long haul. Keep researching on the best practice that is specified for your website. This can only be done through your own researches. After that, do not forget to create top-notch content and apply copywriting skills to create the best value for your costumers. By applying this, at the same time it will create more trust, which is important in closing. Other tips in increasing trust are by adding live chats as well as giving a guarantee for your costumers. A high number of followers on social media might be helpful too, to show that your website is recognized as a reputable one, as it has helped many of your followers.

These are the approaches that we implement on our website. Let us know if these strategies have been helpful to you in optimizing your site sales conversion rate. Good luck!

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