How to Set Multiple Origin Address on the Indocolite Application

With this feature, you can use more than one warehouse address/origin of delivery.

Note: When you use this multi origin feature, the unique code feature and shipping cost subsidy cannot work

  1. Open the Indocolite dashboard go to settings >> shipping address >> shipment shipping origin on.
  2. Input the location ID or use the location from the Shopify location setting. You can acquire this information from the Shopify location setting here.
  3. Make sure the sub-district address is correct
  4. Then, you also need to adjust the product's location.
  5. Don't forget to adjust Shopify's shipping and delivery settings. Here we illustrate shipping from two origins/warehouses:

  6. If you encounter any difficulty using Shopify shipping settings, feel free to contact the Shopify support team or your developer team.

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