How to change the language on the checkout page

Indocolite application users whose sales targets are generally domestic, of course, not all buyers understand English. Moreover, the checkout form fields use the input mode so that buyers have to fill in the exact address, especially the District so that the address is calculated by the Indocolite application accurately.

The image below is a checkout display with the default in English.
Here's how to change the language on the Shopify checkout

  1. Open Shopify admin.
  2. Go to shopify settings >> checkout >> scroll down select manage checkout language.
  3. Find the form with the words apartment, suite, etc (optional)<
    Indocolite aplikasi tracking terbaik shopify
  4. Please find a language and change it. 

    Search by scrolling down or with the search field (Ctrl + F) using the keyword: Apartment.

    Indocolite aplikasi tracking terbaik shopify
    What needs to be recognized and important are:
    - You have to change: Apartment, suite, etc. (optional) to Kecamatan (District).
    - Change City to Kota/Kabupaten (City/Regency).
  5. The following is an example of the results after the language settings have been changed.

    indocolite aplikasi tracking terbaik shopify
  6. Note::

    If the buyer does not fill in the district address or incorrectly entered the district address, the address will be read based on the city/regency, it can be categorized as an inter-city calculation.

    If the buyer does not fill in or incorrectly writes the city/regency address, the postage calculation will not appear.

    Make sure your buyer is correct in filling in the address of the district and city/regency for accurate calculations.

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