Request to activate Carrier Shipping

Carrier Shipping API is an absolute requirement that must be available on your store so that the Indocolite application is active and connected to the Shopify checkout page.

Conditions for activating the Carrier Shipping:

  1. The activation cost of a Carrier Shipping API is $ 20 per month.
  2. If you subscribe to the Shopify store for a year, then it's free..
  3. If you use an advanced plan, then the Carrier Shipping API is free because it is automatically available in your store.

For point 1 (basic plan with a monthly subscription system),
and point 2 (annually subscription system), please ask Shopify Support to activate Carrier Shipping, the contact information you can contact o
r through livechat support this link

If the notification guide to activate Carrier Shipping API on the Indocolite dashboard is missing as shown below, make sure the Carrier Shipping API has been activated..
aplikasi tracking shopify terbaik indonesia
And in the Shopify shipping backenSelect Change Theme Language.
d setting, if the Indocolite rate appears as shown below, make sure the Carrier Shipping has been activated.

aplikasi tracking dan ongkos kirim terbaik shopify

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