How to install Indocolite as the best local Indonesian shipping rates calculator on Shopify

Here's how to initiate the installation of Indocolite application, which is the best Shopify shipping costs calculator for Indonesian merchants.


  1. Visit our website on shopify apps, can go through this link
  2. Click the add apps button.
    aplikasi kalkulasi dan tracking terbaik shopify
  3. Click the install app button
    Aplikasi kalkulasi ongkos kirim dan tracking terbaik
  4. On the Indocolite application dashboard from the backend apps, the first setting is to edit or fill in the store address where your store is located. The shipping calculation will originate from this address.

    Click Save Address.
  5. The next step is requesting Shopify to activate the carrier shipping API, this is a requirement so that the Indocolite application is active on the Shopify checkout.
    - Activating api carier shipping costs $20 per month.
    - There is an additional fee to activate the carrier shipping API, but it's free if you paid an annual Shopify subscription.
    - If your Shopify account has an advanced plan, the carrier shipping API feature is automatically available.

  6. Next, you need activate the courier service option that will be used.

    There are 16 local couriers and 3 international couriers (applies plan) available:
    Standard plan $8/month: maximum 4 local couriers and 1 international couriers
    Premium plan $13/month: maximum 4 local couriers and 2 international couriers
    Busines plan $20/month: maximum 4 local couriers and 3 international couriers
    Aplikasi ongkos kirim terbaik shopif
    Choose the couriers you want to add by clicking Enable
  7. You can also choose and activate what features are available on the delivery service, by pressing the configure button, for example, JNE is activated only for regular JNE, so other features can be unchecked / deactivated.

  8. Click Save
  9. Video tutorial

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