How to Set Indocolite Application Tracking Notifications

This notification is useful for notifying the customer of the latest order status, every time there is an update on the order delivery, your costumer will automatically receive an email (this function can be activated for the business subscription plan/$20 per month).

The steps to activate fulfillment tracking are as follows:

  1. To activate the tracking notification you can go to the notification settings page (Dashboard -> Settings -> Notification), on the notification page there are 2 languages ​​(Indonesian & English). Notification in Indonesian will be automatically sent if the order is placed by the customer from Indonesia and notification in English is automatically sent when the customer order comes from other countries.

    On the notification page, you can add a store logo to the email. Then there is the sender's email, (if the sender's email is not filled, then the email used is the shop's email). You can also customize the email templates as you see fit.
  2. Here is an example of an email notification which is sent to a customer:

    Status, Date, and City are changing every time there is an update in order delivery.

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